American Reformation

Business in Holy and Holy in Business - With Candice Hilse

December 28, 2022 Unite Leadership Collective Season 2 Episode 19
American Reformation
Business in Holy and Holy in Business - With Candice Hilse
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Show Notes

About Candice -
"Born and raised in Charleston, SC, called into ministry at 15, so naturally Candice went to business school (haha). After serving as an executive for a Fortune 100, Candice left to start her own firm in 2008 and grew that to three brands over the next twelve years in the event industry. She sold those in 2017 as she and her husband welcomed their third and old child through the adoption process. In that season, God called her back to serving him and she spent two years serving in various volunteer capacities at her local church and through parachurch ministries. In 2019, Candice accepted a part time position at Freedom Church in Moncks Corner, SC serving as the small groups coordinator. In that year, she moved on to serve as the Director of Engagement, over smalls groups, missions and guest services. In that season she worked with Mac Lake from Multiply Group to establish a leadership pipeline for all levels of engagement at Freedom. In 2021, Candice was ordained and accepted the role of leadership development pastor, overseeing and encouraging ongoing development of volunteers and staff as part of the discipleship process. In 2022, Candice accepted the role of Executive Pastor of Ministries at Freedom, supporting and leading engagement, youth, kids, pastoral care and still passionately engaging in leadership development across the board. She is currently pursuing an MDiv in Ministerial Leadership. She lives in Moncks Corner, SC with her husband Erich (pronounced Eric), son Cutler 9 and daughter Eleanor 7 and dog Ollie. Her oldest daughter Haylee, is a junior at Arcadia University in Philadelphia.
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American Reformation Season 2 Episode 19

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