American Reformation

"Transcendence of Prayer" with Laurie McClellan

January 26, 2023 Unite Leadership Collective Season 2 Episode 23
American Reformation
"Transcendence of Prayer" with Laurie McClellan
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Show Notes

The La Mesa Story: 
In 2014, members of Christ Greenfield Lutheran Church began connecting with the homeless and working poor in downtown Mesa, AZ. 
At the time, we thought we knew what they needed. We wanted to help. 
We soon realized we needed to listen. We needed to create relationships.
Meals together were the perfect environment for this to happen.
La Mesa was born.

What began as simple meals together quickly grew into something extraordinary. We created relationships with each other. Hope began to be restored. Loneliness was replaced with love. Those stuck in cycles of addiction and poverty began to find avenues to create a brighter future. A community began to take shape through which miracles could happen.
La Mesa means “The Table.” We’ve discovered the great joy of simply connecting with one another and enjoying a meal right in the midst of our brokenness, life struggles, and pain. Everything grows from connection, conversation, and, ultimately, an empowering community. 
Jesus spoke quite a lot about eating together. He turned ordinary meals into life-changing events. He sent out his followers to share meals with the poor and create spaces where everyone could encounter God’s love.

This is the heart of La Mesa. Everyone is welcome at the table.

We envision communities where systemic poverty does not exist, loneliness is no longer the only option, homelessness is only a matter of choice, and the working poor find avenues to create prosperous futures for their families. 
Our meals are just the beginning. What happens at the table is creating a transformed community of empowered Mesa locals who work, laugh, love, and serve together to change the future of Mesa and beyond. 
Welcome to “La Mesa” – welcome to The Table – where you will discover acceptance, belonging, dignity, and hope.
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