American Reformation

President of Kairos University - Greg Henson

March 01, 2023 Unite Leadership Collective Season 2 Episode 27
American Reformation
President of Kairos University - Greg Henson
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Show Notes

About Greg: 

Greg is a child of God, husband, and father who cares deepely about stewarding followers of Jesus who flourish in their vocations. As a recognized thought leader in theological education, Greg Henson has worked with the team at Sioux Falls Seminary to revolutionize financial and educational models within theological education by launching the Kairos Project – a global network that spans 30 countries spread across six continents. In partnership and conversation with seminaries, denominations, businesses, and ministries around the world, Greg is working to create integrated systems of theological education that are affordable, accessible, and relevant while remaining faithful to the transformational essence of such an educational journey. Greg has a passion for discipleship coupled with a desire to see theological education reconnect with its roots in local vocational contexts. In the fall of 2013, Greg accepted the role as the twelfth president of Sioux Falls Seminary, officially beginning on February 3, 2014.

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