American Reformation

"Staying Close to the Father" with Sarah Greiner

March 22, 2023 Unite Leadership Collective Season 2 Episode 30
American Reformation
"Staying Close to the Father" with Sarah Greiner
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Show Notes

About Sarah - 
I grew up knowing Jesus, my whole life and I am thankful to my parents for that precious gift. My personal relationship and walk with Jesus started in high school and college. At that time I wanted to serve Him with my whole life. Only way I knew how to do that was to 1) marry a pastor and 2) become a school teacher in our tribe.  I am blessed to report I have done both things and God has also opened my eyes to many other ways to serve Him! :) 

I am passionate about creating spaces for people to listen and respond to the voice of God in their lives. Currently I create intentional spaces through my work designing and leading discipleship strategy and worship at St. Peter Church and School in Arlington Heights, IL. 

I also work with PLI as a leadership, discipleship and mission coach and trainer.  Before that time I served PLI as their Marketing and Communications Leader.  

Along with my husband, Micah, and two teenagers (Eva 14, Andrew 13) we desire to be the Brightest House on the Block, by building intentional relationships in our neighborhood and share Jesus. On weekends you can often find us remodeling our home, hanging out with neighbors at Wine and Cheese 30, playing bocce ball with friends or reading the Sunday comics. 

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