American Reformation

"The Next Wave of the Church" with Steve Pike

April 05, 2023 Unite Leadership Collective Season 2 Episode 32
American Reformation
"The Next Wave of the Church" with Steve Pike
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Show Notes

About Steve : 

Steve Pike is the President and Founder of Urban Islands Project, a national organization dedicated to increasing the presence of the Church in North America’s urban and underserved communities.

Prior to initiating Urban Islands Project, Steve served as the Founding Director of the Church Multiplication Network. CMN serves church multipliers to equip, fund and network new faith communities in America. Since its formation in 2008, CMN has assisted with the starting of over 4000 new congregations in every region of the US.

Steve is the co-author with Dr. Tom Nebel of “Leading Church Multiplication,” and the author of “Total Fitness for Your Church” both available from ChurchSmart Resources. His most recent book project “Next Wave-Discovering the 21st Century Church” is set to be released in November 2020.

Steve works co-vocationally as a coach/consultant with Church Multiplication Partners, providing support denominational and network level church multiplication leaders.

He also serves as a consultant/coach with The Answer Group, a business consulting company.

Steve’s passion for church multiplication began in 1989 when Steve and his wife, Cherri, pioneered a new church that became the catalyst of a church planting movement in the state of Utah that continues to this day. The Pikes make their home in Denver, Colorado. They are blessed to be the parents of Lindsy and Jeremy and the grandparents of Myles, Koen and Wesley.

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