American Reformation

"Being a 'Glocal' Missionary - with Rev. Dr. David Kim

July 05, 2023 Unite Leadership Collective Season 2 Episode 45
American Reformation
"Being a 'Glocal' Missionary - with Rev. Dr. David Kim
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Show Notes

About David: 
Rev. Dr. David Kim was born and raised in South Korea. He arrived in the United States in 2002, after serving as a missionary/church planter in Ecuador for 12 years.
In his first eight years in the U.S. he furthered his biblical studies and learned about American culture and churches. In conversation and visits with more than 100 congregations, one surprising response most often heard. When he asked parishioners and pastors about the mission field and missionaries, he was shocked to hear their answer was almost always the same: “our missionaries are overseas.”
While he knew that to be true--that the world desperately needs missionaries to reach the billions of lost people--it deeply concerned him that very few viewed themselves as witnesses of Jesus in own daily mission fields.

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